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Yard Greetings ® Lawn Letter Signs make you money by renting them out for all occasions! Made of Coroplast or Corrugated Plastic, the two foot tall alphabet plastic letters for the lawn, numbers, and Yard Card characters are machine cut and made of vibrant colors. The characters (up to several feet tall) have a colorful digitally printed and laminated vinyl skin attached to it for extra durability and character.  Additional characters, with direct to coroplast prints, are available in our products as well either laminated or not laminated.  From newborn Yard Greetings ® packages to happy birthdays and over the hill yard signs, each package is ready to make you money in your rentals.

Milco MFG, LLC. began this journey of Yard Greeting ® exploration in the year 2000.  Through four years of prototyping, Milco MFG, LLC. looked for a lightweight material that was weather durable too.  Corrugated plastic and Coroplast was the answer.  Milco MFG, LLC. purchased state of the art machines to cut the letters consistently, vinyl printers to print colorful and durable prints, laminating machines to protect the images from scratches and sun fade, and custom made cases to easily transport the signs.  In 2004, Milco MFG, LLC began selling to the general public.

Starting your Own Yard Greetings Business

If you are interested in starting your own Yard Greeting ® rental business, we have a number of Yard Greeting® packages that include lawn letters, numbers, characters, stakes, and the labeled carrying case.  Check out our Start a Business Page for details on starting a Yard Greeting ® Business!

Our goal is to not be a franchiser!  This means that you keep all of income you make off of your rentals, there are no license fees, and you can work in any territory you choose.


We make all of our Yard Greeting ® and yard card products right here in the United States and ship to you directly from our Novi, Michigan headquarters.

Yard Greetings® is a registered trademark of Milco MFG, LLC. Registration Number 5,778,402