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Coroplast letters, plastic numbers, characters, and symbols!  Yard Greetings ® Happy Birthday Lawn Signs are made of high quality, weather-durable corrugated plastic. ® offers a variety of styles to meet your budget.  As you click through our catalog of products below, you will notice up to five different styles to choose from.  Those styles are:

coroplast letters corrugated plastic numbers yard greetings

Beer Mugs

  • Basic coroplast colored letters, numbers and symbols
  • Direct to Print Coroplast Not Laminated
  • Direct to Print Coroplast Laminated for extra durability
  • Vinyl laminated products; most vibrant and durable.

Choose the style to fit your budget!

Choose from a variety of Yard Greeting ® packages, characters, coroplast letters, corrugated plastic numbers, stakes, carrying cases and more!  Are you looking for your own custom design?  We can print and cut your own signs with your design!

Yard Greeting Nationwide Rentals

Are you looking to rent a yard greeting?  Check out our Nationwide Rental Page to see if there is a rental company in your area!  If you are looking for a Yard Greeting Rental Company in Michigan, visit our rental site at Acme Partyworks!

Start Your Own Yard Greeting ® Business!

Want to start your own Yard Greeting ® business?  It’s easy to start by purchasing your products!  We are NOT a franchise.  This benefits you because you can create any territory you choose, set your own pricing, keep all your profits, all without any restrictions that franchises bring. Start your own business today!